Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery


From: Petcare Tips


At Hollick Kenyon Veterinary Clinic, we do soft tissue and orthopedic surgery in both emergency and regular cases. Emergency surgeries range from laceration repair and fractured bone repair, to an abdominal exploratory surgery and open chest wound repair. Our regular surgeries can include but are not exclusive to lump removal, neuter and spay, cherry eye (prolapse of third eyelid) repair, jaw removal (hemimandibulectomy) or other scheduled non emergency surgeries.  Certainly, we will refer some cases to a board certified specialist if there is more specific equipement and special training needed to complete the procedure, such as spinal cord decompression surgery and some eye surgeries.  The species of our surgery patients vary from dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, other small mammal and reptiles.

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