Regular Services

At Hollick Kenyon Animal Clinic we provide both regular and emergency services. Our regular services include;

-Vaccinations and Deworming

-Wellness Exam (Dogs, Cats and Exotics*): The cases we handle range from behaviour problems, ear infections, heart failure, and autoimmune diseases to endocrine diseases, etc.

-Spay and Neuter (Dogs, Cats and Exotics)

-Dental Work (Dogs, Cats as well as teeth and beam trims for rodents and birds respectively)

-Diagnosis: Blood tests, urine analysis, fecal analysis, digital X ray and ultrasound.

-Others: Nail trim, Anal gland expression, etc.

and a comprehensive list of surgeries for cherry eyes, blockages, etc.

*Exotics include; pocket pets (Rabbits, Ferrets, Mice/Rats, Guinea Pigs), and reptiles.

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