We are dedicated to helping each and every patient

to the best of our abilities.

From a vaccination to a broken leg, we always make sure we do a great job.

Below are petsimonials written by dedicated pet owners. You can also visit our patients stories to learn more.


  1. I have been taking our dog Bridgette to the Hollick Kenyon Vet Clinic for over a year. I was very impressed with Dr. Yang. The staff at the clinic are friendly. I had to take our dog to the clinic as an emergency patient and we were treated very well. Dr. Yang gave our dog the utmost care during the night.

  2. We are with Dr. Yang and team for many years with all our dogs. Specially with Freya we had to use the Emergency Service quite a bit. As we always called in before we came we got the information about the ER fee and how she would be treated incl. the costs over the phone right away.
    All our dogs love to see this wonderful, carrying team. We are very glad to have such a carrying vet!

  3. I recently had to take my cat Lucas in for an emergency. These people have their hearts in their hands when working with animals and it is very evident. The care and concern for Lucas went beyond what I think are the standard levels and I’d recommend this clinic to anyone that is looking for a clinic or an emergency clinic. I love the fact that my cats will being seeing the same people no matter regular checkup to emergency visit. Simply, these people are amazing and their concern for animals is first and foremost. They have my thanks for a healthy Lucas.

  4. We have been with Hollick Kenyon since they opened and Dr. Yang and his team are amazing. Rocky is kind of a klutz and Riley is new to our family. Rocky has used the emergency services 3 times and each time they have given him awesome care and updated us throughout his stay. The professionalism and accessibility of this team is first class. We are happy to have such a wonderful vet!

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