Emergency Page

Hollick Kenyon Veterinary Clinic has been proudly providing emergency veterinary services since 2012. Our clients come from various areas including Edmonton surrounding towns and rural areas. We have handled numerous cases which range from small cuts to open chest wound surgery. Our well trained staff, latest technology and equipment and a well-designed facility, have enabled our clinic to successfully save a lot of lives and help many pets recover from life threatening diseases and accidents.

We understand the stress our clients face when their pet experiences an emergency situation. It is always difficult; unpleasant and unexpected. At Hollick Kenyon Veterinary Clinic we always respect the needs of each individual client and their pets and at all times do our best to help select the best solution to help your pet out of their stressful situation. In our clinic, diagnosis and treatment will be taken step by step and discussed with you before any treatment is given.


What to Expect When you come in with an Emergency

When we receive an emergency call from a worried pet owner, our staff immediately assesses the situation and prepares for your visit prior to your arrival.

When you arrive, we will request that the emergency exam fee be paid prior to examination to cover basic costs to allow us to provide treatment for your pet. We will then proceed to perform a physical exam and discuss possible diagnosis and treatment options. If further treatment is needed, we will then provide you with an estimate so that you are aware of the immediate costs and treatment needed; You can then decide what steps you would like to take based on the plan we have made specifically for your pet. Finances can be difficult when the unexpected and horrible happen, however we do work with iFinance Petcard and can help and support you through their application process. iFinance is a separate company that provides financing to owners who may have difficulty funding a necessary emergency visit. The process is simple and they can arrange several types of payment options that suite your financial needs. However, they are not a replacement for pet insurance as it does require you to pay them back while pet insurance pays the bill for you. 



Continued Treatment

For all continued treatment we will request a deposit of 50% to cover the basic costs of the planned procedure. We can then continue to treat your pet based on their specific treatment plan.

If your pet is hospitalized at our clinic treatment plans will be updated routinely and as needed and you will be informed on a regular basis of their current condition. You will also be consulted prior to any treatment changes being made and informed of potential costs.

Daily payments will be required to help cover the costs of the treatment your pet receives if your pet is with the clinic for any length of time.



Before your pet is discharged we will discuss a home treatment plan to ensure continued improvement of your pets’ health. We will also ask that you pay any outstanding balance for treatment your pet has received at our clinic.

After your pet is discharged, if you are not our regular client, files from your pets visit with us will be transferred to your regular clinic to allow for proper follow up on your pets’ case. Whether you are our regular client or informal client, we will make a follow up call to ensure that your pet is continuing to improve and answer any questions you may have.