FIFA 2014 World Cup Final Voting Game


World cup play now

How to play

You have to be a member of to participate. You can register here, or click the “log in” link on the menu bar to log in if you have an account. If you get lost, this page is also accessible under “Pet Circles”. 


Rules of the Game

Your pets are the ones that get to vote for which team they think will win the FIFA World Cup. Each one of your pets can vote, therefore if you have more than one pet, you may vote for multiple teams.  

On the forum, post your pets name and who they think will win the world cup.

You have until Sunday July 13 at 1:00pm to vote.

After the match, we will record all the pets’ names who picked the winning team and place them in a hat. We will then randomly select 4 names to win our third place prize of a soccer ball and treats, 2 names to win our second place prize of a $20.00 certificate to use at our clinic for medical services and a soccer ball and 1 first place winner of a $50.00 certificate to use at our clinic for all services including food purchases and a soccer ball. All participants who guess correctly and do not win 1 of our 3 top prizes will receive a tooth brush for guessing correctly.

Note, soccer balls are made specifically for your pets and should be used as a soccer ball just like in FIFA! Balls are made of fabric and pets should not be allowed to chew on them. Chewing receives a red card and should be taken away immediately.

When you come to claim your prize we ask that you bring your pet with you so we may take their picture with their prize and post it on our website.

Certificates are limited to winners only.


Good Luck!




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